Who Delivers M&M Direct Parcels?

Is M and M Direct free returns?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free returns service.

If you purchased a Hermes returns label when placing your order: Complete your returns slip.

Attach the returns label to your packaging..

Is Zalando a legit website?

As others have said, Zalando is a major player in Germany (and probably holds the biggest slice of the online shoe market there). They are super quick and reliable, really great service and I’ve bought from them lots of times.

Is M and M Direct a Catalogue?

M and M Direct is operated independently. See other independently operated catalogues, or catalogues from other UK mail-order companies. You may find similar UK catalogues to M and M Direct, or similar products, within the catalogue categories defined for M and M Direct.

Does Hermes work on Sunday?

Our fully tracked Sunday Delivery service allows 85% of the UK Mainland population to order a parcel on a Saturday for Next Day delivery on a Sunday. Hermes’ Sunday Delivery Service is designed so your customers can receive those all-important parcels outside of Sunday opening hours. …

Where is MandM direct based?

LeominsterIn 1994 the business was transferred from Stourbridge to its current base in Leominster, Herefordshire. Following a buy-out by private equity group ECI Partners in 2004 the company’s identity changed to MandM Direct in order to reflect their move into selling fashion and lifestyle brands.

How long does M&M take to deliver?

when will my order arriveYour PurchaseStandard ShippingPriority ShippingColor Only, Custom-Printed M&M’S Candies with Images, Clip-Art and/or Messages.* *Orders up to 200 favors and under $5000.Arrives in 5-7 business days.Arrives in 3-5 business days.1 more row

Does M and M Direct have a shop?

Sorry, we don’t have any physical shops.

Does M & M deliver?

Yes. We will deliver your M&M Food Market products to your home or office.

How much is M and M delivery?

If you’re not a frequent online shopper you can still benefit from our excellent Standard Delivery service from £4.99. Better yet, if you spend over £75, you will automatically qualify for free Standard Delivery!

Do M&M Direct deliver to Ireland?

Yes, we absolutely can.

Why is MandM direct so cheap?

So, how are MandM Direct so cheap? Our savvy buyers use all their expertise to buy directly from the brands you see on our site. This means that they’re able to negotiate the best prices for our products, meaning big savings.

What does direct dispatch mean?

Direct Dispatch is the process where customer orders are fulfilled directly from the vendor to QVC customers. 2.1. Definitions. Direct Dispatch. Purchase Order.

How do I contact M and M Direct?

Email. For any questions please email: customerservices@mandmdirect.com. … Facebook. Like MandM Direct? … Twitter. Tell us @MandMDirect about your favourite trainers, send us a link to something on your wish list or even just say hi. … Post. … Phone. … Press.

Is M&M Direct genuine?

I can confirm that all the products sold by MandMDirect are the same as what the brand would offer throughout its distributions; be that to Outlet Stores or Online Retailers and I can confirm that they are definitely not fakes or counterfeit goods.

How much do you have to spend on ASOS for free delivery UK?

At just £4.00, our Standard Delivery service gives customers quick and efficient delivery that doesn’t break the bank – and if you’re spending over £35.00, delivery is FREE! Delivery is within 3* working days of your order being placed. Delivery is Monday to Friday and Sunday (excluding Public Holidays).

How do I cancel my M&M Direct order?

To cancel your order, please let us know by doing the following:Email us at customerservices@mandmdirect.com. Please provide your name, home address, details of the order and, where available, your phone number and email address.Model cancellation form. To MandM Direct Limited,