Quick Answer: Who Is The Strongest Street Fighter Character?

Who is the weakest Street Fighter character?

Though they have their redeeming qualities, here are the weakest 10 Street Fighter characters according to lore.1 Sean.

Sean takes the cake when it comes to being the weakest character in Street Fighter.2 Dan.

3 F.A.N.G.

4 El Fuerte.

5 Rufus.

6 Birdie.

7 Sodom.

8 Decapre.

More items…•.

Is there Evil Ryu in Street Fighter 5?

Street Fighter 5’s new DLC character Kage is basically Evil Ryu with a twist. Satsui what they did there. Capcom has released a new character for Street Fighter 5 – and he’s basically Evil Ryu. … The Satsui no Hado living within Ryu became sentient, apparently, and has risen as Kage, which means shadow in Japanese.

Is Juri bad?

Ironically, Juri is actually a low health character in said game. This means she actually can take less damage than most of the cast before she is defeated.

Who is stronger Ken or Ryu?

“Ken came out proportionally on top.” According to Okamoto, when he was a part of Capcom’s Osaka division and interviewers would ask him if Ken was the stronger of the two, he would say that they are the same — which is untrue. Apparently, Ken is stronger, or more accurately, Ryu is weaker.

Who is stronger Kage or Akuma?

Kage has better damage though. Akuma. He is considered far stronger and has more options. … Akuma is just all round very very good character.

Is Kage Dan?

Kage has been revealed to be the essence of the Satsui no Hado that Ryu had banished during the events of “A Shadow Falls” story mode. For those that don’t already know, “kage” in Japanese translates to “shadow” in English. Essentially, Kage is a demonic shadow of Ryu.

Who does Chun Li love?

So far: Rose loves Guy, Ken loves Eliza, Vega loves himself, Bison loves power, Sakura loves Ryu, Cammy looks up to Ryu, Chun li used to love Charlie Nash, Guile loves his wife, Hakan loves his wife, T.

Is Kage a Shoto?

First and perhaps most simply, as a shoto character, Kage no longer appears to be suffering from the “why not just play top tier Akuma instead?” issue. … This character is fun to play, digestible to lose to, and exciting to watch both from a technical and flashy point of view.

Who is the best fighter in Street Fighter 2?

The Best Street Fighter II Character The best character in the original Street Fighter II is definitely Guile. Dhalsim has all the right tools to apply pressure, keep himself safe, and pick apart the enemy.

Who is the best Street Fighter character?

G. G is currently the best character in Street Fighter V. … Akuma. Easily one of the best characters in the game, Akuma has done very well in recent years. … Urien. Urien was pretty good in Street Fighter III: Third Strike and as it turns out, he’s doing well in Street Fighter V too. … Cammy. … Rashid. … Karin. … Dictator (M. … Ibuki.More items…•

Is Chun Li in love with Ryu?

11 Ryu Loves Chun-Li Joe. The most infamous Street Fighter comic book has to be the one released by Malibu in 1991. … Ryu and Chun-Li do have feelings for each other, but he is too obsessed with his training to commit to a relationship. It doesn’t help that she is still determined to get revenge for her father’s murder.

Will Ryu ever beat Akuma?

Ryu can’t beat Akuma. Not yet.

Is Ryu stronger than Akuma?

As far strength and skill Akuma, but when looking at the other “boring” aspects of a character – Ryu. … On a broader scale it can be argued Ryu is stronger, but canonwise Akuma is depicted being stronger because of perceived age, experience and power which made him “demonic”.

Who can beat Akuma?

Here’s my list of ten characters who can beat Akuma.Korra. As far as martial skills alone goes, Akuma is the superior fighter, since he has more experience, but that won’t be enough to win this fight. … Voldemort. … Darth Vader. … Sol Badguy. … Kratos. … Jason Voorhees. … Spider-Man. … Ghost Rider.More items…•

Who is the strongest character in Street Fighter V?

Street Fighter: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked8 Ryu.7 Sagat.6 Rose.5 M. Bison.4 Gen.3 Gouken.2 Oro.1 Akuma.More items…•

Is Ryu stronger than bison?

Because Psycho Power that’s in Bison’s body is, by itself, more than all the power in Gill’s body. Ryu destroys bison. So that makes ryu the strongest character according to your logic.

What race is Chun Li?

Chun-LiOccupationInterpol officerFighting styleChinese Kempo (中國拳法, Chūgoku Kenpō, “Chinese martial arts”)OriginChina Hong Kong (Street Fighter II V) United States (The Legend of Chun-Li)NationalityChinese Hong Kongese (Street Fighter II V) American (The Legend of Chun-Li)10 more rows

Who is Ryu’s girlfriend?

Sakura KasuganoSakura KasuganoOccupationHigh school student Arcade employeeFighting styleSelf-taught imitation of Ryu’s Ansatsuken fighting styleOriginJapanNationalityJapanese7 more rows