Question: Who Is The 16th Student In Danganronpa?

Who all dies in Danganronpa?

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocJin kirigiri – burning.Sayaka Maizono – stab wound to the stomach.Mukuro Ikusaba – multiple impalement wounds.Leon Kuwata – thousands of blunt force wounds.Chihiro Fujsaki – Blunt force trauma.Mondo Owada – electrocution (liquefaction)Kiyotaka Ishimaru – blunt force trauma.Hifumi Yamada – blunt force trauma.More items….

Does AOI Asahina die?

Aoi’s execution is called Water Illusion Show and described as the following: “Asahina is put into a water tank. … As the drum rolls and the curtain rises, Asahina has disappeared – she has been eaten by the sharks.”

What is Junko posing?

“Junko posing,” a trend that sees TikTokers switching between four of the character’s iconic game poses, typically plays out to the sounds of Sporty-O’s “Let Me Hit It,” which had a meme career of its own in the early 2010s.

Who killed Nagito?

RIP ChiakiSo thus, Chiaki was responsible for Nagito’s death, even if that was not her intention. And this led to the single best execution of Goodbye Despair. RIP Chiaki.

Did Sayaka have crush on Makoto?

Makoto’s crush on Sayaka is also confirmed in the first anime’s relationship chart. The chart does not mention her liking him back and it has not been explicitly stated that she returned his romantic feelings, however, it is heavily implied in one of Sayaka’s Free Time Events.

Does Junko Enoshima have did?

She rotates through personalities regularly, including her game avatar in Monokuma. It’s easy to interpret this as some sort of dissociative identity disorder, after all the game already has a person with that disorder (albeit mislabeled as schizophrenia) in Toko Fukawa.

Who is Junko’s sister?

Mukuro IkusabaMukuro Ikusaba is one of the antagonists of the Danganronpa. She is the Sister of Junko Enoshima and was the protagonist of the side story Danganronpa IF.

Is everyone alive Danganronpa 2?

SPOILERS! It is mentioned in the finale of the second game, that due to the setting of Jabberwock island being a simulation, the people who fell as victims or were executed during the killing game are not really dead; however, they are in a comatose state in the pods they are being kept in the real world.

Why did Junko kill herself?

her despair was to create hope for others. By executing herself, she was not only able to give hope to everyone, but also created despair for herself by creating that hope for everyone else. Thus the swirly despair-eyes we see at the end of Episode 13 from Junko Enoshima.

How does Toko fukawa die?

Toko tried to stop him but to no avail. While swimming, his bracelet is activated (as a result of being too far from Towa City) and explodes, killing him instantly.

Is Junko a Monokuma?

Chapter 6 – This is the End Goodbye Academy of Despair Later, during the final class trial, Monokuma transforms into his true form which is Alter Ego Junko.

Why does Chiaki die?

Chiaki was revealed to have been the culprit in the fifth chapter. In an attempt to stop a fire, Chiaki accidentally killed Nagito, due to his efforts to reveal the traitor. Chiaki told Hajime that she was the traitor and he was forced to prove this to everyone. … Chiaki and Monomi were executed afterwards.

Is Danganronpa ok for 11 year olds?

It is a great game to make you think while having a great story line with bits of gore. I watched Danganronpa at the age 11, although the context of the plot seems bad, the gore is fine for an 11 year old, and the blood is replaced with the colour pink to censor it.

How old is Junko Enoshima?

Junko EnoshimaTitleUltimate Fashionista Ultimate Despair The MastermindGenderFemaleAge17 during trigger havocDate Of BirthDecember 24,19935 more rows•May 28, 2020

Who is the spy in Danganronpa?

Sakura OgamiSakura Ogami was one of the students in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, she was known as the “Ultimate Martial Artist” and “The Ogre”. She was an expert martial artist with a 400-winning fight streak.

Why did Monokuma kill Junko?

First there’s the Spears of Gungnir in Chapter 1. Junko used violence against Monokuma while refusing to take part in the investigation of Sayaka’s murder. Because violence against the “Headmaster” is against the school regulations, she became fair game to kill, and was thus skewered.

Is Kyoko Kirigiri dead?

A body at the indoor garden on the 5th floor is discovered, and upon Toko triggering the explosion and making the body unrecognizable, with Kyoko missing during the investigation, it is presumed she may be the one dead.

Who did Gundham kill?

Nekomaru NidaiIn an attempt to preserve his classmates’ lives, Gundham murdered Nekomaru Nidai and was executed by Monokuma. However, due to the nature of the Neo World Program, Gundham was left in a comatose state following the simulation.