Question: Which Is Better Goyard Or Louis Vuitton?

Goyard bags remain immensely popular due in part to its reclusive brand and limited retail distribution.

As well, the ease and capacity of the Goyard totes have made it a time-tested favorite amongst the jet set.

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How can you tell a fake Goyard?

Authentic Goyard bags have a slightly rough, bumpy texture. Fake Goyard bags are often smooth or even sleek in texture. You can often tell that instead of a hand-screened design, it is a printed design.

The most popular Goyard bag color is the black coated canvas with tan leather trim.

Which is more expensive Goyard or Louis Vuitton?

A classic Goyard tote costs $1,150, while a comparable Louis Vuitton is $1,810.

Is Goyard a luxury brand?

Maison Goyard is a French trunk and leather goods maker. It’s the epitome of luxury and it’s known for its exclusivity. Today, Goyard is the world’s oldest luxury fashion house. Considering these three things: Goyard’s luxuriousness, exclusivity, and legacy, it’s no surprise that Goyard’s products are expensive.

Is Goyard worth the money?

The Goyard Tote is durable, high-end, classic and has a lot of room for everything you need to carry. Plus, it’s a status symbol for fashionistas everywhere. But, it is very costly, the straps aren’t very comfortable when the bag is heavy, and there’s no top zipper to close the tote.