Question: What Is The Synonym Of Fruitful?

Does prolific mean?

1 : producing young or fruit especially freely : fruitful.

2 archaic : causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction.

3 : marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity a prolific composer..

What is a synonym for fruitful day?

Find another word for fruitful. In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fruitful, like: barren, productive, fertile, profitable, procreant, , ample, flourishing, pregnant, prolific and fecund.

What is an antonym for fruitful?

Top resources with antonyms for FRUITFUL: productive, rich, productiveness.

How do you use fruitful in a sentence?

Fruitful sentence examplesIt wasn’t a fruitful day. … Few explorations have been so fruitful as this six years’ journey. … All experiments are fruitful if you don’t have any preconceived notions about the results.More items…

What is a fruitful life?

What does it mean to have a life that is meaningful and not just impressive? … Whereas a fruitful life begins with contentment—contentment about who we are and joy about the unique gifts we’ve were given. Knowing our value is complete and untouchable leads to our ability to bear true fruit.

What is divine fruitfulness?

If God calls you and send you to do something, that thing will grow; our church is a church of growth”, he emphasised. …

What does God mean by Be fruitful and multiply?

Adam’s Offspring. When God placed Adam and Eve in the garden, He commanded them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion” over all creation (Genesis 1:28). This command is known as the Cultural Mandate. As those made in the “image of God,” Adam and Eve were God’s vice-regents.

Is fruitful is compound word?

A compound word, fruitful has more than one word within it. There’s 2 words which are fruit, and ful.

What does fruitful mean?

1a : yielding or producing fruit fruitful soil. b : conducive to an abundant yield fruitful rain. 2 : abundantly productive a fruitful discussion a fruitful career.

What is a fruitful relationship?

Something that is fruitful produces good and useful results. We had a long, happy, fruitful relationship. Synonyms: useful, successful, effective, rewarding More Synonyms of fruitful. More Synonyms of fruitful.

What is being fruitful in the Bible?

There’s a famous line from the Bible: “Be fruitful and multiply.” That gives you a pretty good sense of the word: fruitful activity multiplies or adds to what’s already there, producing more of something. A couple is fruitful if they have children: the more children, the more fruitful.

What is the antonym of famous?

unremarkable, worthless, infamous, terrible, notorious, pathetic, unexceptional, unnotable, execrable, undistinguished, inglorious, unimportant, obscure, mediocre, undignified, atrocious, worst, contemptible, lousy, middling, powerless, disgraceful, minor, unpopular, insignificant, low-class, inconspicuous, …