Question: What Is An Example Of Mainstream?

What means outlandish?

freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd, as appearance, dress, objects, ideas, or practices; bizarre: outlandish clothes; outlandish questions.

having a foreign appearance..

How do you use mainstream in a sentence?

Mainstream sentence examplesVideo games have become much more mainstream since the introduction of the cell phone, because nearly everyone is looking for a casual distraction while riding on the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office, or just wasting some time at home. … Unlike the mainstream parties we do not have rich financial backers.More items…

What is another word for mainstream?

Mainstream Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for mainstream?acceptedconventionalcurrentnormalordinaryreceivedcommonconformistcorepopular92 more rows

What is a niche audience?

A niche audience is a more focussed subgroup of the broader market’s target audience. The niche audience has a specific group of needs, which can be met by a targeted product or service.

What is a mass audience in media?

Types of Audience

  • Mass audience – often termed ‘broadcast audience’. Those who consume mainstream or popular texts such as soaps or sitcoms. Media and communication that targets a very large group of people (women, men, children, adults etc).

    What is the difference between mainstream and alternative media?

    While mainstream mass media, on the whole, “represent government and corporate interests”, alternative media tend to be “non-commercial projects that advocate the interests of those excluded from the mainstream”, for example, the poor, political and ethnic minorities, labor groups, and LGBT identities.

    What is the opposite of mainstream?

    Opposite of dull or unoriginal. extraordinary. original. strange. unusual.

    What are examples of counterculture?

    Prominent examples of late modern countercultures in the Western world include the Levellers (1645–1650), Romanticism (1790–1840), Bohemianism (1850–1910), the Non-conformists of the 1930s, the more fragmentary counterculture of the Beat Generation (1944–1964), followed by the globalized counterculture of the 1960s ( …

    What is a mainstream?

    Mainstream describes what’s viewed by most people in a society as “normal,” like the mainstream view that everyone should get married, move to the suburbs, and have children as soon as they can. Something that’s mainstream is conventional, or the usual way of doing things.

    What is meant by mainstream culture?

    Mainstream culture is widespread current thought, including all popular culture and media. culture, typically disseminated by mass media. Mainstream culture is held within a large amount of. people residing in a society, the culture that seems the most common to those who live in a specific. area.

    What is a mainstream religion?

    In religion Mainstream Christianity is a term used to collectively refer to the common views of major denominations of Christianity (such as Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Protestantism) as opposed the particular tenets of other Christian denominations.

    What makes something mainstream?

    Mainstream is a term that usually refers to the common current of thought held by the majority, meaning that “mainstream” things are those that are currently popular with most people. It is most often applied in the arts (i.e., music, literature, and performance).

    Is too mainstream meaning?

    I think most of us read this sentence before ,for who don`t know what it means :if something is too mainstream ,it means that it exists among a lot of people.

    What are mainstream songs?

    Mainstream music is simply music that is popular. For something to be mainstream, it has to be popular with a good amount of people. The term mainstream is very often applied to the arts, such as music in this case.

    What is mainstream American culture?

    Mainstream American culture reflects the beliefs, values, and practices that shape public education in this country. Before we examine the characteristics of mainstream American culture, think about how you would describe mainstream culture in this country.

    What is the meaning of cliche?

    1 : a trite phrase or expression also : the idea expressed by it. 2 : a hackneyed theme, characterization, or situation. 3 : something (such as a menu item) that has become overly familiar or commonplace.

    What is a mainstream audience?

    A Mainstream audience is one that is known to a wide range of people, for example X-factor (aired on ITV) is very popular in the media therefore a lot of people know about it and watch it, especially people who are aiming to get somewhere in the music industry or purely enjoy watching it because it’s on.

    What is the different types of media?

    Media can be classified into four types:Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines)Broadcast Media (TV, Radio)Outdoor or Out of Home (OOH) Media.Internet.