Question: How Do I Make An EPK?

How much does it cost to make an EPK?

The costs for these printed kits range from $700 to $5000…and that’s just for the design.

You can tack the cost of printing on top of that.

An electronic press kit (EPK) comes in digital format such as a website, email or downloadable file..

What format should an EPK be in?

Generally most media prefer Word docs as they are easier to copy and paste into an unformatted document. It is easy enough to provide both options, just by using the “save as” menu option in Word to convert your file into PDF format.

How do I start a small business press kit?

Here are the nine steps to follow when creating your press release:Decide on the Purpose of Your Press Kit. … Provide Contact Information. … Write Your Business Story. … Create a Company Fact Section. … Highlight Your Business with Photos. … Include Team Member Bios. … Provide Your Company’s Media Assets. … Link to Past Press Releases.More items…•

What does an electronic press kit look like?

EPK photos may include headshots, band and promotional shots, CD cover art, and liner graphics. … Your Press Coverage: An EPK also shows off press coverage including reviews and interviews along with endorsements from radio and television outlets.

How much does a press kit cost?

Press kits are relatively inexpensive ways to get you noticed — perfect for creative but fiscally challenged freelancers. With an average price of $5,000, they’re way cheaper than most forms of advertising.

Do you need an EPK?

If you want to promote your new release and get press coverage, you definitely need an Electronic Press Kit or EPK. An EPK will help you communicate all the important information festivals, journalists and media need to cover your music. … Some may say that you need to pay money to an EPK service provider.

How do I make an EPK from scratch?

How do I create an EPK?Sign up for Sonicbids. The Sonicbids EPK makes consolidating all your information and submitting it to promoters easier than ever. … Start with the basics. … Organize your calendar. … Connect your EPK with all your social media. … Add high-quality songs, photos, and videos. … Apply for opportunities.

Are press kits still relevant?

In fact, some companies now require press materials to exist solely in a digital format to help reduce paper consumption and costs. … Like its printed counterpart, the goal of the electronic press kit is largely still the same – to help members of the media develop stories related to a client, product, service or event.

Is a website an EPK?

An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a useful way to promote your band. It comes in any digital format such as a website, email or downloadable file. Your site itself can be considered as an EPK. You can also upload EPK files to your site by adding document files to your site.

How do I create an EPK for free?

How to make a press kitPick a catchy message and tagline. The first element you’ll add to your electronic press kit is a title and a subtitle. … Choose a theme. Themes are a great way to start the design process. … Showcase your brand with images. … Communicate with engaging text. … Share your press kit.

How do you write an EPK Bio?

How to Write an Effective Musician Bio (with examples!)Background information. Include some relevant background information, including your musical history, but keep it short. … Career highlights and achievements. Think about everything you’ve accomplished with your music. … Up to date information.

How many pages should a press kit be?

Try to keep this fact sheet succinct and at two pages maximum. Keep in mind that your goal is to enable a journalist to quickly cut and paste information with as few errors as possible.

What does EPK stand for?

electronic press kitEPK, short for electronic press kit, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. They are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference.

How do I send an EPK?

If you have questions, leave them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them.Be concise. … Be up front and tell people what you want. … Have a detailed email signature that includes your EPK. … Don’t send attachments. … Don’t be afraid to follow up. … Be nice.

What should be included in a press kit?

What Is Included in an Electronic Press Kit:Company Backgrounder.Management/Staff Bios.A Selection of Important Press Releases.Products/Services Fact Sheet(s)Case Studies.Noteworthy Press Coverage.Industry Awards and Accolades.Digital Artwork.More items…•