How Long Can I Leave A Trickle Charger On My Motorcycle Battery?

Is it safe to leave a trickle charger on all the time?

A trickle charger is a car battery charger designed to be left on a car for a long period of time to re-charge the battery.

Some trickle chargers can be left on a battery indefinitely.

These would be used on a vehicle that is not used all the time or is stored away for the winter or the summer..

Can I start motorcycle while on trickle charger?

It’s no problem jump starting a motorcycle from a car or another motorcycle. … Even if you do it from a running car, it’s 14.2 V as opposed to 12.8 V of a fully charged battery, the jump start won’t damage the bikes charging system.

Why do motorcycle batteries die so fast?

All too often, motorcycle batteries die young, murdered by neglect. Dehydration, improper charging, and a slow discharge during storage all shorten a battery’s life. … To prevent these draws from killing your battery, you could disconnect the battery, but even if there is no load on them, batteries self-discharge.

How often should I charge my motorcycle battery?

every 30 daysFor a healthy battery, a full charge once every 30 days at a minimum is recommended. This is because lead-acid batteries have high self-discharge rates, losing 0.5-1% of their charge every day they sit.

What is the best trickle charger for a motorcycle?

The Best Trickle Charger for MotorcyclesBattery Tender Junior. Battery Tender is one of the most respected brands in the battery maintainers industry. … NOCO Genius G1100. … Black & Decker BM3B. … Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA. … Foval Automatic Battery Charger. … Motopower MP00205A. … Deltran Battery Tender Junior 12 Volt (3 Pack) … SUAOKI 4A.More items…•

How long does it take to recondition a motorcycle battery?

Now you’ll want to charge the reconditioned motorcycle battery for at least 18 hours. I recommend 24 hours and this will depend on the battery charger and battery you’re using.

How long should you trickle charge a motorcycle battery?

about 24 hoursWhen you buy a new lead acid battery you will have to fill each cell with acid that is provided when you purchase the kit. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You will then connect your trickle charger to your battery and let it sit for about 24 hours to get a full charge.

Can you overcharge a motorcycle battery?

Overcharging a battery can lead to all sort of problems: The electrolyte may boil, the battery can overheat and buckle the plates and, in extreme cases, the battery may even blow up, especially if excess hydrogen gas is released and there’s a spark handy.

Will a trickle charger charge a dead motorcycle battery?

Here are the factors that go into the charge time for a motorcycle battery. Motorcycle and scooter batteries are 12 volts just like car batteries, so they use the same chargers. … A trickle charger is also relatively safe, but it takes a long time to work.

Can a trickle charger ruin a battery?

Leaving a battery connected to a trickle charger for too long can lead to overcharging, causing damage to the battery. … Although they can’t recharge a dead battery, they can be used frequently and left connected to a battery without any risk of overcharging.

Do I need a trickle charger for my motorcycle?

So yeah it’s best to keep tabs on your battery and keep it charged. The most common battery chargers you’ll come across are trickle chargers and smart chargers. … While both are typically 12 volt batteries, a motorcycle battery has less Amperage and requires less amp charge rate.