How Do You Use Departure In A Sentence?

How do you use procedure in a sentence?

Procedure sentence examplesThe civil procedure was kept secret.

This was, in fact, the procedure of the council of Pisa, in which Pierre d’Ailly took part.

Confused, she tried again to remember what procedure Dr.

Jones, almost as merciless as MacTaggart, calls this procedure by the hard names of agnosticism and dualism.More items….

How do you use terminal in a sentence?

Examples of terminal in a Sentence Adjective She was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was suffering from terminal boredom.

What means departure time?

Definition of departure/arrival time : the time when a plane, train, bus, etc., is scheduled to depart/arrive.

What’s another word for departure?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for departure, like: leaving, embarkation, evacuation, setting-forth, retreat, exodus, going, going away, farewell, departing and separation.

What departure means?

A departure is the act of leaving somewhere. Think about an airport that has departure gates for outgoing passengers and an arrival area for people flying in. Since departing means to leave, a departure is an act of leaving. There are many type of departures, such as when you go to the store or take a flight.