How Do I Log Into My ISolved Account?

How do I log into iSolved?

Logging into the iSolved | Go ApplicationEnter your iSolved user name in the User Name field.

This is always your email address.Enter your iSolved password in the Password field.Click on the Login button to log into the application..

How much does iSolved cost?

iSolved Time costs $4.00 per employee per month, according to our research. However, there is a monthly minimum of $80.00. There is also a one-time implementation and training fee which costs around $700.00 for a staff complement of 20.

What is my iSolved?

isolved is the transformational payroll processing software solution you’ve been looking for, backed by expert services when needed.

How do I set up direct deposit iSolved?

Choose the Direct Deposit Updates tab under Employee Self Service. options are: a. Add New: This is used to add an additional bank account for either a set percentage or dollar amount from each pay check to be deposited into a separate account.

What is iSolved authorization code?

An authorization code will be sent to their email account listed in iSolved. They will need to get that authorization code and enter it to access iSolved. iSolved will retain the most recent IP address.

How do you punch in iSolved?

On the main screen menu, choose the iSolved Time button, and then choose Punch In or Punch Out at the bottom of the screen. You will see another screen pop up with the details of your punch that is notifying you that your Mobile Punch has been Saved.

How do I verify my timecard on iSolved?

To verify the pay period, click on the box under the Verification section of the screen. A green check mark appears, denoting that the period has been verified.

How do I sign up for iSolved?

On your Android/Apple smart phone, open the application store and use the search term “iSolved” or “iSolved Go” to find the application. Select the option to install this application. Once you have downloaded and installed iSolved | Go, please open it to proceed.

How do I recover my iSolved username?

An employee forgot their username. What should I do? Please contact your company’s payroll department.

How do I change my iSolved self service email?

In order to correct the email address, navigate to the Generalscreen and uncheck “Enable Self Service Access” and click on Save. Change the Email Address and click “Enable Self Service Access” again, and click on Save. This will send a new authentication email to the employee.

Does iSolved have an app?

iSolved GO mobile app is available in both the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. iSolved GO Mobile App Gives Your Employees Access to the Information They Need, When They Need It.

How do I reset my Isolved password?

Click on “My Account” to view your account information. Here, you change your password, or add a security question to make resetting your password easier.